What’s New with Brown’s Theory of Everything?


  • Everything is made up of elastic balls, including ether, neutrinos, matter, and radiation.
  • Postulates immediately and rigorously give classical mechanics.
  • Neutrinos are nanoscale particles.
    • The size of a neutrino is the mean free path.
    • Neutrinos result from complete condensations of the ether gas.
    • Neutrinos violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Neutrinos propel themselves.
    • Neutrinos initially align ether particles without changing their speeds.
    • Ether particles simply aligned and then squeezed together without changing their energy flow at speed $ v_r $ – the background RMS speed.
    • Since $ v_r $ > $ v_m $ ($ v_r = 1.08v_m $) neutrino flows at speed $ v_r – v_m $.
    • Thus, the speed of a neutrino is $ c = v_r – v_m $ where c is the speed of light.
  • Neutrino mechanism provides means for moving in an ether gas which is a trillion times as dense as lead.
  • Matter is made up of mass orbiting at the speed of light:  $ E = mc^2 $ (Famous formula derived by Brown’s group.)
  • To accelerate matter, mass is added at high speed.


  • Nuclear processes take longer when moving  (Famous formula derived by Einstein and by Brown’s group.)
  • Matter shortens when it moves.


  • How much mass is added?
    • Mass added depends upon velocity.  The more mass is added, the higher the velocity.
    • Mass added $ m_{added} = m_v – m_0 = \frac{m_0}{\sqrt{1-(\frac{v}{c})^2}} – m_0 $
    • Famous formula postulated by Einstein and derived by Brown’s group.
  • Where is the added mass stored?
  • The captured mass and electron undulate as they translate.
  • The wavelength of the electron
    $ \lambda = \frac{h}{m_{e}v} $
  • $ h $ is Planck’s Constant, $ v $ is the electron’s velocity, $ m_e $ is the electron mass.
  • This equation is the wavelength postulated by de Broglie
  • We show the course of the oscillation.
  • All matter undulates as it translates.
  • Einstein’s theory is invalid.  Newton’s theory is correct.
    • Mass growth is a Newtonian phenomenon.
    • Matter shortening is a Newtonian phenomenon.
    • Time dilation is a Newtonian phenomenon.

Experimental Example

What Einstein Sees What Newton Sees
Start with a Bar at Rest mass: 100 kg
length: 10 m
undulation: no
mass: 100 kg
length: 10 m
undulation: no
Accelerate bar to 0.9c, Einstein and Newton at rest mass: 229 kg
length 4.36 m
undulation: yes
mass: 229 kg
length 4.36 m
undulation: yes
Accelerate Einstein and Newton to 0.9c mass: 100 kg
length 10 m
undulation: no
mass: 229 kg
length 4.36 m
undulation: yes

What Einstein would see is ridiculous.  Einstein’s theory absolutely must be incorrect.