Determining the Constants of The Mechanical Theory of Everything

My name is Joseph Milroy Brown (aka) Joe Brown. I was born on January 9, 1928 in the rural community of Gatewood near Fayetteville in southern West Virginia. I received two bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering from WVA University and Master and PhD degrees from Purdue with emphasis in Machine Design, Mechanics, and Mathematics. I worked in the Aerospace Industry for 20 years designing airplanes, missiles, space boosters, and satellites. I then taught mechanical engineering at Mississippi State University for 21 years. I am here to describe the unified theory of physical science presented in The Mechanical Theory of Everything.

I postulated that the universe is populated by an ether gas as required to transmit gravitational forces. The ether is a gas consisting of small elastic spheres moving at high velocities. The gas is very dense and very energetic. One cubic meter of the gas has enough energy to power the earth for millennia and the density is fifty trillion times as large as lead. How does nature obtain useful energy from this ether and how can we move so freely in such a dense ether?

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