Synopsis and Further Developments to the Mechanical Theory of Everything

The brutino is the smallest thing in the universe. Everything is made of brutinos—and nothing else.

The brutinos make up a rare gas which pervades the universe, and which extends indefinitely in all directions. This gas is called the ether. Every cubic meter of the universe has $10^{83}$ brutinos in it. These particles move at roughly ten times the speed of light, and they have a mass of $10^{-66}$ kg. The particles move and collide. All forces in the universe are the result of repeated collisions of the brutinos.

The ether possesses a vast amount of energy. The energy in a cubic meter of space is enough energy to supply the energy used on Earth for millennia. Nature, however, only lets us use a small amount of the energy. Getting useful energy out of the ether is akin to getting usable energy out of the atmosphere. The ether is different, which we will explain later, and we will show how all of our usable energy is derived from the ether.

The ether density is 50 trillion times that of lead. One would immediately wonder how we move in a sea of such a large…..

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