Physics for the Millions

ISBN: 978-0-9883180-1-4

2013. Hardbound. $29.95

MillionsPhysics you can understand! Brutinos, the smallest particles in the world, make up a gas that pervades the universe. Condensation of the brutino gas produces neutrinos which also pervade the universe. A proton is made of one neutrino. When a proton is made, an electron is also made, resulting in a hydrogen atom. Hydrogen atoms are continually made throughout the universe and continuously accumulate because of their gravitational fields, making hydrogen stars. Large hydrogen stars have large gravitational fields and develop pressures large enough to transmute a hydrogen atom into a neutron. Protons and neutrons are nucleons. The neutrinos making the protons in a pair of nucleons attract each other and make larger atoms. Hydrogen stars grow and start producing more large atoms. As stars continue to grow, the electronic structure collapses and the star becomes a neutron star. A neutron star continues to grow and gravity becomes so large that the nuclear structure collapses. The giant neutron star explodes and produces the items which exist throughout the universe today.

Foundations of Physics

ISBN: 978-0-9883180-0-7

2012. Hardbound. $29.95


Experience the sheer beauty of the structural edifice that nature has constructed and Dr. Brown has discovered.

The crisp postulates are laid down. The physical all-pervading laws of the universe are derived. The fundamental organizing mechanism is rigorously derived. The fundamental particles and the four forces of nature are derived. The macroscopic observables are derived such as: solids, liquids, gases, the celestial objects, photon decay, constancy of the speed of light, and heat radiation.

No serious physical scientist could begin this book and not devour it.


 The Neutrino

ISBN: 978-0-9712944-7-9
2012. Hardbound. $29.95

Work Horse of the Universe
The Source of All Usable Energy
Building Block of All Matter
A Billion Times Smaller than the Electron

The Neutrino brings to reality the Impossible Dream of mankind and mechanical engineers throughout the world. We all dream of obtaining useful energy from a uniform gas.  The practical solution would be to take atmospheric air with its energy of almost 3000 ft-lb per cubic foot of air and use that energy to drive our generators and factories.  We do not yet know how to do that, but on a microscopic scale, nature does just that.  We prove that the neutrino takes energy from the ether gas, organizes it, and then produces matter – in fact, it produces everything we observe in the universe.  All the useful energy in the universe stems from the microscopic neutrino.


Photons and the Elementary Particles

ISBN: 0-978-0-9712944-5-5
2011. Hardbound. $29.95

Prior to the reasearch leading to this book the structure of the photon was unknown. Recent research into superconductivity indicates that a photon is a sinusoidal string of ether particles spread completely along the one wave length of the photon. This book documents the research along with other actions of photons which we have discovered.

The Chemistry and Mechanics of Human Aging

ISBN: 978-0-9712944-8-6
Draft copy, Softbound. $19.95

Aging of biological cell lines is believed to be caused by geometric changes in the cells’ DNA from one generation to the next.  Some development changes are intrinsic to the cell and these changes also are believed to be caused by the same type of DNA geometric changes that cause aging.  A mechanism is presented for incrementally changing the shape of the DNA for each cell division. The amount of change is large with the first generation, it decreases quickly with the first few subsequent divisions, but then it changes continually by small amounts throughout the life of the cell.  These incremental changes are manifested as aging and development.

The mechanism presented consists of increasing the torsional strain in DNA by an increment at each cell division. The torsional strain induced is in one rotational direction for the template strand and in the opposite direction for the newly formed complementary strand. The strain is a result of the template being strained while the newly formed copy is unstrained when it hooks up to the template. After copying, the template is released somewhat and the copy is strained. This strain causes the absolute value of the helicity of the DNA to increase with cell generation number. The change in shape is presumed to change gene expression from one generation to the next. This change in gene expression produces development changes and aging.


The Grand Unified Theory of Physics

ISBN: 0-97129446-1
2004. Hardbound. $29.95

This book completes the theory of physics as outlined in Principles of Science. The postulates make up an ether gas of identical, perfectly elastic, smooth, spherical particles. Inhomogenieties of this gas exist in volumes with a diameter in the order of the mean free path. These inhomogeneous assemblies are neutrinos. Neutrinos generally have straight paths and travel at the speed of light. Certain mass neutrinos can take circular paths and thus are matter particles. These matter particles interact in various ways to produce gravitation, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and the strong nuclear force. The theory is a true unified field theory since it unites all four force fields and derives the basic particles in the universe.

Principles of Science – A Grand Unified Theory of All Science

ISBN: 0-9626768-0-2
Starkville, MS 1991
Hardbound, $39.95

The author outlines a new theory of the universe. He begins with the foundations of language, shows how mathematics is derived from the language foundations, and then shows how mechanics, physics, biology, and sociology evolve from each preceding area of science.